Attendance Policy

  • Students are expected to be in school, except in cases of emergency or for reasons as ex-plained in the Mobile County Public Schools Student Code of Conduct. Students must at-tend a total of 3½ hours of school to be counted present for the day. The code lists the following as the only legal excuses for absence from school:

    1. Personal illness - The school may require a doctor’s excuse. (The student must be fever free for 24 hours before returning to school.)
    2. Serious illness in the family.
    3. Death of a relative - The absence arising from this condition is limited to three days, unless reasonable cause may be shown.
    4. Observance of a religious holiday - must have prior approval of the principal.
    5. Any other reason must be excused by the principal prior to the absence.


  • The parent or guardian must write an excuse giving student's name, date, days of absence, reason for absence and his/her signature. The excuse must be received by the classroom teacher within 3 days of the absence or the absence will be unexcused.
  • The Alabama Compulsory Attendance Law requires all children between the ages of seven and sixteen to attend school. The following procedures will be followed for Mobile County Public School students who fail to attend school each day:

    1.The parent or guardian of any student who has ONE OR MORE UNEXCUSED ABSENCES will be contacted by the school administration.

    2.Any student who has FIVE OR MORE UNEXCUSED ABSENCES can be referred to Early Warning Truancy Program. Parents of students referred to the Early Warning Truancy Program will be notified to appear before the Assistant District Attorney of the Juvenile Court of Mobile County to answer to the Court for their failure to insure daily school attendance of their children.

    3.Students with SIX OR MORE UNEXCUSED ABSENCES can be referred to Juvenile Court for formal action. A petition may be filed in Juvenile Court against the parent/guardian and/or the student. PARENTS MAY BE FINED $50 PER DAY UP TO $500 OR SENTENCED UP TO 12 MONTHS IN THE COUNTY JAIL.

Promptness to school is very important. Stu-dents tardy to school must be signed in by a parent or guardian and receive an admittance slip from the front office. Meadowlake’s tardy bell rings at 8:10 am. An occasional tardy can be understood. Consistent and chronic tardiness can be considered parental neglect. These students will be referred to our attendance officer. Under Alabama state law, tardiness is considered to be truancy for the amount of time that the student is absent from school. Charges will be filed against the parent for contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Discipline Policy

Discipline is the responsibility of the home, school, and community. There must be cooperation among teachers, parents, and students. We want your child to learn and to progress. This is only accomplished through self-control and good behavior.


Parents must recognize that discipline is primarily their responsibility and that the influence of the home will be reflected in the conduct of the student while attending school. Good discipline begins in the home. Parents are the students’ first teachers. Through example and direct teaching, parents instill in children habits of acceptable behavior and positive attitudes.

A parent has the responsibility to:

* help foster an environment in and out of school that nurtures quality in education by talking with your student about school activities, planning a time and place for school work assignments, and providing necessary supervision.
* encourage his/her child to respect others.
* insure student's prompt and regular compliance with attendance rules and other procedures necessary for the best possible orderly education.
* support the school by following local school procedures.
* attend necessary conferences each year.
* work with the school to see that the student completes school assignments.

***The Mobile County Public School System’s Student Code of Conduct is distributed each year. Please review this information carefully.


School Fees

The Mobile County School Board has approved an elementary school registration fee of $5.00 per student. This fee is for first aid, postage, and miscellaneous supplies. This money can be paid when your child registers for school

Make-Up Work Policy

Any time a student is absent from class, they will be responsible for getting the notes and assignments given in class that day. They must also complete the necessary homework and take all tests/quizzes.

When the student returns to class, they will need to obtain the Make-Up Work folder from the teacher. In this folder, a student partner has placed all handouts, notes and make-up work. They will need to discuss with the teacher when would be the best time to make up any tests.

Students will have three (3) days from the day of the absence to complete all make-up assignments (tests included). Failure to complete the necessary assignments will result in a grade penalty. If there are extenuating circumstances, the parent or guardian needs to schedule a conference with the teacher in order to arrange a time for the assignments and test to be completed.

Mission and Vision Statement

MCPSS Mission Statement

"The mission of the Mobile County Public School System is to graduate citizens who are literate,responsible and committed to learning over a lifetime."

MCPSS Vision Statement

We envision a Mobile County Public School System where a variety of pathways to academic and career success are available for all students; where adults consistently work in a collaborative school culture to improve student learning; where all educators willingly accept responsibility for the academic success of each student; and where all students become independent life-long learners confident in their ability to succeed in a global society following high school graduation.Meadowlake Mission Statement

Meadowlake Mission Statement

The mission of Meadowlake Elementary School Community is to accept the uniqueness of each child and to educate each student to be a responsible, productive citizen in an advanced technological learning environment.

Meadowlake Pledge

Meadowlake Mustangs gallop to success.


*Get along with others.

*Attend school regularly.

*Listen and follow directions.

*Learn for a lifetime.

*Own our behavior.

*Practice good character.